The Label

Baronet – Royal Shirts:

The name baronet is an English nobility rank from the 17th century.
In the house Baronet meets exclusive design in excellent quality and the result of this merger can be proud of. In Baronet is a designer brand with the highest recall value, the “man” quickly attracts attention.

The collection “Monaco-Line” and “United Kingdom” follows a proven classic clarity on average, it relies on high wearing comfort due to selected materials and accurate processing.
Men’s shirts branded Baronet – Royal Shirts outfitted with color selection and appearance: fresh, but powerful, casually elegant in habit, inspired by summer, sun, confident life.

The collection of Baronet Royal Shirts moves in the tension between tradition and masterly trendsetting novelty: – Royal Shirts In the dynamic interaction of perfection and fashionable conciseness special brand of Baronet is. She sits under the slogan “The way you dress …” new, fresh and contoured accents in the current menswear.


Exquisite workmanship and quality

The production of exclusive men’s shirts of the label Baronet – Royal shirts made exclusively using the finest fabrics, 100% cotton The fine, silky texture is soft and smooth to the touch, a sensual experience and flatters the skin. Baronet – Royal shirts are easy to clean and keep you comfortable.

The manufacturer of our embroidery uses only the finest, high-quality 60-Fine Embroidery Floss Made in Germany. Cuffs and collar are reinforced with natural, soft deposits, all seams and button, cuff holes sewn engstichig flat. With meticulous attention to detail each shirt branded Baronet is – Royal Shirts finished with embossed buttons.

All men’s shirts branded Baronet – Royal shirts are individually designed with distinctive contrasts and emblem on the shirt collar. By strictly limited the exclusivity of shirts is guaranteed. Each men’s shirt is thus a high quality unique, ensuring the exclusive quality seamstresses, tailors and embroiderers our production in first class interaction.